Sketch #10: Floyd Bishop


I’m going to be going for a nice night time camping type campfire. I may do it up in VR as well, we’ll see if time permits. I’ll be using Unity.

I’m going to go with something like this.

I’m planning on doing a few different techniques to try and really get the wrapping aspect of the fire.

Here is the first pass at my entry for the Real Time VFX Sketch #10 Campfire.

· I’m using Unity as my game engine.

· The flames are texture sheets that I made using After Effects, GlueIT, and Photoshop.

· I’m using two different emitters for the smoke: one for the hotter lit smoke, and one for the cooler smoke that goes higher in the air.

· There is an additional emitter for the hot embers/sparks that rise up from time to time.

· I’ve got bloom on the camera to help with the glow.

· The emission is animated on the log textures and burn pit texture to help give them some life.

· The creepy eyes are a very small texture sheet that I’m animating between to get the blinking to happen.

· The shooting star in the sky has a trail renderer turned on.

TO DO: I’d like to get my scene environment dressed up a bit with some plants and maybe a tent or camper.

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