Skeleton Mage Summon With Shaders and Textures :)

Skeleton Mage Summon. Feel free to follow me! :

Brief set by myself, to convey as many things as possible in an elegant manor.
Vertex position offset to point, World space fading/erode, mesh ribbons, custom animations, event timing, vertex streams/custom data, custom textures/sprites. Please feel free to ask questions or use anything you find of mine :slight_smile:

Character and Scenery purchased from the unity store Hand Painted Fantasy Characters & Props Ultimate Bundle | 3D Characters | Unity Asset Store

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(Just making sure, you don’t have to share the full 1024 texture, except when you want people to rip it :smiley: )

Otherwise, a really cool setup! :heart:

Very nice fx ! A lot of work for sure, and interesting breakdown, good job.

Just to be sure i understand all of it, the gif with the skeleton following a spline on blender, you used that to bake an animation you then play in unity to spawn the pet, right ?

yes, that was a path that I baked the animation into :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback!

Cool! I like it.thanks for your share.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info!

I know I’m asking too much of your good will, but I’d love to see a breakdown on those VFX textures.

Keep up the good work!

This is badass man!

It has it all good timing, excellent shader work, awesome context, animations that marry it all together, etc. Wish it was a challenge you would win that thing for sure!

For an easy way to make these textures all you need is the default soft brush and a drawing tablet. Start scribbling some fancy strokes on one white or black canvas (don’t touch the edges) then offset every few strokes, fill the blanks (make sure you overlap strokes). then hit the magic button “Maximum” or “Min” I can’t remember. once that happens, you should have a texture that looks like this:

(these are just examples which I also used in the making of previous vfx)
then use the default render clouds and play around with the blending modes for cool effects. then if you want at any stage see what the filter gallery has to offer, the more values you have the better the texture will look :slight_smile:


Awww shucks! Thanks!
This is definitely been a huge learning experience for me, prior to this I had not made vertex offsets work, but since the vfx Challenge I thought I’d try it out but in my own way since I’m just not a huge fan of the challenge it’self as it doesn’t play too well with Unity.

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Looks really cool! I love the cute aesthetics as well as how the skull icon sorta passes through the orb like a slot machine icon~ Thanks for sharin!

Thanks a lot for the insight! I’ll start to practice up this technique RN!

I’ve been stuck using noise generators and substance designer for too long!

Thanks a lot for sharing this info!

Wow love the clarity and style of this effect! Thanks for the share!

A :heart: is not enough. Thank you for this. Fantastic Breakdown. (And a pretty cool effect too!)

Looks interesting! :open_mouth:
What kind of node editor is that?

I like it,Thanks for your share!!