Simple way to visualize grayscale gradients / textures

Hey all,

First time poster, want to show a neat little trick.

Have you ever worked with grayscale masks or heightmaps and struggled to visualize what’s actually going on? Is that gradient linear? is it a curve? Is it pointy or rounded?

This is a simple little technique to visualize a “side view” of a gradient or grayscale.

Just plug your math or texture into this math setup and you’ll be able to get a clear visualization of what is exactly going on with your masks. I’ve used this a lot and it has helped me out so much I recreated the setup in other software such as Substance Designer

(When sampling textures, make sure to only sample a line )


Neat trick, thank you for sharing it!

thanks, nice tip!

in unreal there is also a nice node already built in. here is a nice video from @tharlevfx

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Pretty neat! Didn’t know about that node. Thanks :+1:

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