Simple shader transparency problem in Unity (not "surface — opaque")

Hello everyone!

I’ve just started learning the ropes with Unity’s Shuriken. I decided to follow the advice from the “Getting Started” thread and begin with Sirhaian’s playlist. Unfortunately, I stumbled over the very first shader.

What I’m trying to do, is to create a material for sparks — a simple glowy dot fading out from center. I created a texture in PS by putting a blurred white dot over black background. When I use this texture in a PBR graph, the preview quad shows a fully opaque dot with ragged outline.

I’m using a setup somebody posted under that video:

I tried to rearrange nodes like shown in this thread, but it makes the preview quad fully opaque. (Can’t attach another image, as I’m a new user here.)

Could anyone please explain how to retain that soft transition in transparency that I have on my texture?

Set the AlphaClipThreshold output from 0.5 to 0

That’ll fix your problem :slight_smile:

Perfect! It works. Thanks a lot! :smiley: