Simple Baker problem with alpha channel

Hi everyone
I started tutor VAT PAINTSPLAT by Partikel and I have an issue with Simple Baker, it doesn’t bake the alpha channel

How it looks in tutorial

I use Houdini Apprentice 18.0.287
SideFX Labs 317

Has anyone run into the same problem? Any idea how to fix this?

what does your texture look like after baking it?

After applying material in UE4:

Did you ever figure out the issue regarding alpha here? I am trying to render an alpha channel in a similar fashion and found this topic. Curious to see if you figured out what was going wrong?

It seems like the levels in the output are severely blown out; if I use a Levels COP inside a COPnetwork, I can set it to something that works. Ideally SideFX already knows about this issue and has fixed or is fixing it (I’m still using an older H18 production build).

P.S. I should also mention the SimpleBaker doesn’t actually display a debug view for me, though perhaps that’s just my older machine not playing nice with graphics drivers