Simon Trümpler - VFX Sketchbook

How hard would it be to displace the main puddle with the extra splashes that you emit? :smiley:

too hard for this effect. but it’s an interesing idea. maybe a render-target coud be used to capture the shape of the splashes and then inject this into the displacement texture. could be a nice test for another day :slight_smile:

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Hey, Simon, this is so awesome. Would you mind pointing me to resources on rebuilding normals the way you described? I want to learn the math for that.

Thanks again for sharing!

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This is a really incredible effect! Such a good idea.

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It’s not what I did but this should be the correct solution for any mesh. I didn’t try it myself though:


I think I will call this one DONE! :slight_smile: Added a new pipe, smoke and turned the slime-surface into a slime-pool.


Nice one! Thanks for sharing your development progress on this - it’s been really fun and inspirational to watch! :grinning::+1:

Suuuper satisfying to watch it flow and splash! Thank you for sharing your progress, Simon :smile:

This is looking really nice! Cool seeing the whole progress as well :smiley: Well done!

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I really like how this turned out! GJ!

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Wow nice!! The vapors really help to sell the effect.

This one is a 10/10

Hey Simon, was your solution to your spline problem anything you can share? I’m watching the video Mez suggested right now, but I’d love to see your method if you’re able

What solution/problem are you referring to?

Moving and bending your tiling mesh along a spline, and how to go about that in Unreal. You mentioned you had to use a different method than the one Unreal spline mesh tutorial video.

Ah! Well, I used the tutorial but this video did not cover anything about moving the mesh along the spline. So I used the built-in Blueprint-Functions to make it move :slight_smile: I’ll share the project and blueprints soon. If you need it urgently you can send me a PM and I can upload it.

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Take your time! The moving along the spline was my question as well, but no urgent need on my end (that I know of…)

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Imagine what this would look like if you simulated the curve based on initial input values. You would be able to move around the pipe!!

Great idea @Wyvery!

Hm … I was opening a Firefox-Tab and my thread showed a thumbnail of a man with a cat…not sure how this could happen :smiley:



Looks like you are promoting @Kasra_Kalami :stuck_out_tongue:


no need to urgently send it, but would like to see it when you finish with instant pot recipes. also, thanks for the Blueprint-Functions recommendation, will try it myself too.