Simon Trümpler: Sketch #17 WIP



Hi Simon,
I pretty much recreated the all setup in Houdini.
I’m just stuck on how to do the cascades.
Could you post a screenshot of your PointVop for the cascades by any chances ?
Thanks a lot


You mean the little steps instead of a continues flow? This was done with a fuse node to snap to the grid:

A more advanced solution would be to round the position-float-values. With that you might have more control. But for me the grid snap was working fine.


Oh ok !
Nice hack :wink:

Edit: I tried, doesn’t really work in my case, I need to figure something out


In the discord they told me I could use this (but I didn’t try). Maybe it helps you:

And this plugin looks interesting too:


That works pretty well :wink: Thanks