Simon Trümpler: Sketch #17 WIP



Wooow, this looks pretty cool. I like the splashes. Nice! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a small update:

  • Added wet riverbed (thanks for the push @pamar)

  • Added first version of water fall texture + particles


Oooo that dark river bed really helped out. This is looking crazy nice for a spline river man. That rebake flow map thing was crazy.


Finished! :slight_smile:


Wooow, this is so coooool. Yesterday I played Horizon Zero Dawn again and this looks as awesome as in the game (as you mentioned the tutorial from Guerrilla Games :yum:)! Great work! :smiley:
Houdini is so powerful, I wish I could test it out some day.


Thanks, glad you like it!
The rivers in Zero are way more complex. I even didn’t add all the features discussed in the video and even the video was a shorter summary of the actual things they did. They are river masters :smiley:
Just get Houdini, a Tutorial and just start :slight_smile: It’s fun (and hard…but also fun). Maybe the next challenge will be a good start to get into Houdini :slight_smile: They have great game dev tools!


Haha, river masters, I like that :smiley:

That sounds challenging. Fingers crossed that Houdini could be useful for the next challenge and I have a huge reason to learn it (beside other engine stuff I am daily learning). Something like destruction. Hope someone is reading this :yum:


Oh, Houdini is swiss army knife! Not just for systems or VFX. But also for modelling. Love doing retopo in it. Also great for some “quality of life” improvements like building a spline tool for use in Unity/Unreal.


Love this work.
Someday, I want to work like you.


Hey if you wanna test Houdini then sign up for the unreal mega jam. You get a two month indie subscription just to help you work on the competition.


Someday ? What’s stopping you?


that’s a great tip! I love that Houdini has really good offers for people with not too much monay. 250/year is a good price for that beast of a software


Awesome work Simon, as always.
I know it’s asking a lot, but would you consider sharing the HDA for learning purpose ?


of course :slight_smile: i’ll do a little article and attach the unreal and houdini resources. but just speaking about the river/terrain geometry, you can already get most of the knowledge from the tutorials i linked in my 1st post. this is my base where i took all the knowledge from and exended it a bit when it was necessary (like for example the auto-placement of the particles).


Sooo much fantastic work in this thread guys!! WOW!

Interesting facts :


Omg, big thanks for the great tip! I signed up and got a fast reply for a two month Houdini subscription, hell yeaaaaah! :smiley: (I’m a bit sorry for the spaming about houdini, Simon. I’m just so excited to try this awesome tool out! :star_struck: )


nice! make sure you visit the “thinking procedural” discord channel if you want to share stuff or need help :slight_smile:


Congrats well deserved nice work man :slight_smile:


Btw, did you use Heighfield or Mesh for the terrain ?


it’s a height field which gets later turned into polygons :slight_smile: