Simon Baker: TGT Competition WIP

Hi Everyone,

Coming in really late with this one.
My idea for the effect was to have it play out in VR,
The player takes the role of a magic wielding sorcerer who has the ability to summon minions by tapping into the natural properties of the world around them. Basically the initial idea was cast spell on wooden table, summon wood dude, cast spell on cup of water, summon water dude.

Some initial idea exploration:
I was thinking about having the ability to throw an object against a wall or the environment and have it disintegrate and scatter across the surface,
particles emitting from the environment in proximity would get sucked into the disintegrated objects particles imbuing it with the properties of the environment before reforming as an creature inspired by the environment,
This is some testing of setting up surface emission and playing with particle behaviour:

Moving on from this I looked into the idea of an object that disintegrates in your hands rather than against the environment,
So you could just transmute items in your possession into minions on the fly.
trying to get towards some feeling of an effect that could play out in your hands.

Realising that the generic object conversion is a bit broad, I narrowed down on a more sequenced event
I was playing with the ideas of representing the elements earth,air, fire and water coming together to form life.
Objects of power are activated and drawn towards each other before generating a blast that shatters them with the debris sucked back into a swirling vortex of energy, it is here that the minion is born:

So far I have some of the pieces in play, If I find some time this week I will try and get the actual “turn into something else” part in.

This was all done in Unity and PopcornFx

Goals for the week:

-Finish the transition, debris pieces reform on the bones of an anim rig
-Add an explosion effect from the center of the orbs
-Cleanup the particle effects and add additional detail where possible
-make the interactions more satisfying


Just a quick update.

I blocked in the transition to the anim rig,
tweaking general timing and feel of particles & interaction objects.


Last update, this is the final version I am submitting now.

I have gotten this to a place that I am pretty happy with and I got in all the aspects that I wanted to get in.
It is really neat to see all the other entries, I am really glad that I took part.
Nice work everyone !

All of the effects that I have in here are reasonably simple, but if anyone wants an explanation of anything I can go into details.



A build of the effect can be downloaded from here:
(Requires Oculus Rift+ Touch Controllers)
Build Instructions:
Simply pick up the orbs and throw them, after all three are in the air, the transmutation will begin