Similar VFX tutorials to compare Cascade to Niagara

I’m posting to see if anyone has any comparison tutorials that are very similar in outcome for Cascade and Niagara? I have found one set of breakdowns by CGHow for Fire Tornado’s in Niagara and Cascade but they are not good as he doesn’t start from scratch and doesn’t explain everything he did.

I’m not necessarily looking for fire tornadoes, but just similar tutorials between the two systems to make a comparison of which performs best technically.


Niagara is a lot more open then Cascade, there’s a lot of ways to optimize in it, but ultimately it depends on how you use it.

If you want pure performance analytics, the best way is to use blueprint to spawn a whole bunch of effects at once in an empty scene, and graph the workload of the processors (Stats->Engine->Unit Graph for example)

Hope that helps,


‘NOTE’: Ok, not always the best way, but probably best way that most vfx artist have reasonable access over, that I know of. :smiley: