Shield Emitter Under Fire

Hey guys I’ve got a shield emitter that deploys just in the nick of time, im going for a realistic look but im really not sure how/what to do to make it visually interesting, some ideas or tips or just a point in the right direction artistically would really be appreciated.


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Having the missiles explode would be a good start imo. Right now they just vanish when the touch the shield.

Ripples spreading across the dome from the impact points would also help sell the idea that the shield is absorbing / interacting with the missile.

The shield effect itself looks pretty cool btw, keep it up!

I like the animation you’re working towards. The first thing that came up in my mind is that the rockets dont really have power. There is a certain term in animation for “rocket scenes”, I forgot the name about it but I’ve a gif for you that shows some pretty strong angles that can push your rockets alot.
Hopes this helps you a bit :smiley:

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