Sharing my custom Maya tools



I’m going to start sharing tools that I write here for Maya. If you use them, cool! Let me know what you think or if you find bugs or perhaps features could make them better? I should point out that I write these on my own time and therefore do not have tons of free time to really do tech support. With that said, use these at your own will.

Also, some of this stuff may not be the most perfect and efficiently written. I’m not a programmer by trade, just a lazy artist who doesn’t like doing redundant tasks over and over :slight_smile:

Lastly all of my scripts should be put in your Maya Scripts Directory which can be determined by loading up the script editor and pasting the below command into it. If your script doesn’t live here then it may not launch properly.

internalVar -usd;



Batch Data Renamer

Use Right+Click context menu in the Object List to determine what objects you wish to process.

This script will allow you to batch rename a selection of objects. Tested quite a bit but not put through the wringer.

  • 05/03/2019 > I found a bug in the script and just uploaded a fix to github

Place it in your scripts folder and drag this command onto the shelf to execute:
eval(“source \”" + `internalVar -usd` + “shRename.mel\”");

Usage with a bit of an older version here.


Batch Poly Mesh Exporter

This script will allow you to select a bunch of poly mesh geo in Maya and batch export it out as either FBX or OBJ. This script was not designed to handle animation\rigs, etc … Strictly static props and environment stuff, mesh debris for particles. Whatever.

Download the script and unzip it to your scripts folder outlined in the initial post at the top. Use the below command to drag onto your shelf and execute:
eval(“source \”" + `internalVar -usd` + “fbxMultiExporter/launchMultiExporter.mel\”");

Here is a brief explanation of usage:


Curve Plotter for Attack Trails

To execute and create trails off of an animated object\component:
eval(“source \”" + `internalVar -usd` + “shPlotCurves.mel\”"); shPlotCurves 0;

To quickly edit a trail that has already been generated use this command:
eval(“source \”" + `internalVar -usd` + “shPlotCurves.mel\”"); shPlotCurves 1;


These are awesome! Thanks for sharing, this will really reduce a lot of time spent on repetitive tasks! The trail gen looks great can’t wait to use it!! :smiley:


Wow, the Trail Generator tool looks amazing. Good stuff Seth, thanks for sharing :smiley: