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I also had a similar question to Sam’s last question. I feel like I asked this once, but I can’t remember what the answer was. For vfx meshes or textures that feel environment related (Vel’koz W, Morgana W, Orn Q) are those modeled and textured by the vfx artist, or does a character artist handle that? A mix of both? Just asking about the static ones, since I’m guessing things like Zyra’s plants and the claws on Thresh’s Box are animated.

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  • @Travis I haven’t forgotten about you two! Thank you for being super patient. Truth is now that I’m on RnD + I got a new SSD I didn’t have LoLPC synced anymore so had to re-get ALL of those files which was a cake show to pull everything down. My goal is to use their tools to get you better reference for when I explain how it’s done there.

Oh! No rush! That sounds like a lot of work :scream: and I know you’re doing all of this in your free time. Thank you so much! Take your time


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that’s amazing! I can’t find those ingenious skills :heart_eyes:

Thanks Shannon! It’s really help a lot,I’m a begonner of vfx,I try to make the trailtrail test
I’ll try more of the tutorials you shared, they are very simple and practical! :kissing_heart:

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So glad this thread has been helpful!!! Nice job on the trail! :smiley: