ShaderFX: How to change Blending Mode and how to use Vertex Animation

Hello community, I’ve been trying to reproduce a shader that I did in Unreal in 3ds Max so that I could preview the result while working on my mesh and for that I figured I’d try ShaderFX as the UI is pretty much the same as ShaderForge and Unreal’s Material Editor. So I got 2 questions here regarding ShaderFX:

First question: How do we change the blending mode? By default, ShaderFX acts like an Alpha Blended material from Unity or Translucent from Unreal. But how would I change it to Multiply, Additive or Alpha Composite?

Second question: When I plug anything in the Material’s Displacement input and set things as parameters, none of my options show up in the material editor window. It looks like for anything to be visible in there, it has to be plugged in the TraditionnalGameSurfaceShader, but there is nothing about vertex displacement there. So how would I go about it?

Extra Bonus Question: Does anyone use ShaderFX?