Shackman's VFX Sketchbook

Greetings! I am Shackman, aka a dude who was once so broke he had to live in a bamboo shack with half a wall between mattress and toilet :slight_smile:
Currently I live in a place with real walls and work mostly as a game programmer. I’ve been dabbling in VFX for a long time but decided to finally pursue it as my main direction.

I’m a long time lurker on this forums and love going through VFX sketchbooks, so I’ve finally decided to make one myself.

I’m currently working on an idle mobile game that is really just a playground for me to create VFX. The plan is to convert it to a VR game in the near future.


This is the effect for locating the entry gate to the potato verse (every potato has one). I’m currently working on the core and then will create a nicer gate opening animation. I’m also thinking about playing with the digital rain, I think it would be cool if it starts forming the gate.

Feedback is always appreciated and I’m also very open to sharing any kind of assets that you may want to use too!