Seongmin Kim : Sketch #50

Hi guys! This is my third time working on monthly sketch!

For this topic, I decided to self VFX rework on one of the skills in League of Legends.

Here is my reference, and here is what I got

I tried to make the ground effect as similar as possible, but I couldn’t get it exactly same as the reference.

I believe that is because I have different noise texture (correct me if I’m wrong), and I thought since I’m going to rework it anyway, it would be better to just move on.

Here are some list of things that I would work on

  • Adding particles flying around
  • Adding center particle
  • Plan how I’m going to make it look “better”

Since I want my effect to be League of Legends artstyle, I’m having hard time thinking of how to make it look better. Still, I’ll keep working on it! Thanks for reading and any feedbacks are welcomed!

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Hmm yeah, the original one looks more chaotic and “flamy” while yours is more “cleaned up”. I think this might be the texture itself, not noise, but maybe different noises can help too hehe.

Even though it’s not exactly like the original one, It does give me similar vibes. Why don’t you go further and add some more stuff so you can get closer to the original one? I think it would be pretty cool if you add the rotating sparks :slight_smile:

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Yess!! Thank you for feedback! I’ll definitely add some sparks / particles flying around! I’ll keep posting updates! Thank you again :smiley: :smiley:

Hey, can you tell me how you made the scroll for the ground texture? It looks fitting for the effect I’m working on :star_struck:

Hey Sig, Sorry for late response, I have been busy working on other stuffs. I’m not sure whether you meant “ground” ground, or my skill effect ground effect. So I used UE5 starter content’s rocky texture for the ground that I have, and for my skill effect, I watched

This video to learn the trick. I saw you already posted your effect, but still, I think it is good one to watch!