Seongmin Kim : Sketch #49

My first VFX challenge! I tried to make stylized waterfall instead of realistic one.

Before I start sharing my own work, I used this work as reference:

This was my first waterfall (or not even waterfall, looks really really bad :cry:) I had trouble with hard edged water falling and overall waterfall looked very rough. Sorry for the bad quality. I only have video of in-progress waterfall as phone recording.

I fixed hard edge, but I didn’t like the mesh and roughness / reflection. It didn’t look like water. Again, sorry for the bad quality. :cry:

Here, I worked on reflection, roughness, mesh, and bottom effect. Then I posted it on SNS to ask feedback from other people, and a lot of them told me that it looks more like a faucet, not a waterfall.

Finally, here is my final Waterfall!! I put basic somewhat cliff-like mesh next to the waterfall, so it looks like a waterfall :smiley: I tried hard to have more vertex displacement as the reference, but I really couldn’t figure it out. I will definitely comeback and work on it once I figure out how to do it.

I’m very new to VFX, so it was really great experience working on the waterfall. It was my first time to make something with material (I only had a little experience of working on niagara system). I’ll be keep posting my works for future challenges! Thank you for reading this far. Please let me know if you have any feedback!!

Oh and I forgot to mention that I used unreal engine for the most of it, and used a single noise texture from substance designer for the bottom water effect!


I like your effect; I think you are being too hard on yourself when you say that it looks bad. While the water flows like a faucet: your solution of adding a cliff-like mesh helps the effect. Good job.

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