Seam Issue In unity PBR Shader Graph

Hello everyone, I am Using HDRP Pipeline in Unity and I made this PBR Shader in Unity, whenever I apply that on my Character Mesh I am Gettign so many seams, I did it multiple times Re-UV as well, anyone knows how to fix it? I tried my best but not getting a solution. can you help me with this,

please? Thanks in Advance

hm but are those the seems you expect to see based on your UV layout?

because… there is little you can do if you are hellbent on using UV coordinates. You can try to unwrap without any seams sure. But this kind of pattern can often be solved with vertex positions as UVs or triplanar mapping. There is a node in SG für triplanar mapping, try that maybe that solves most of your issues easily.

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Hey, Thanks for Replying those seams are my UV Cut, I did UV as Character Artist does for Charater Texture, how can possible to unwrap without seams? I Will look out for Tripplaner and get back to you if it’s worked, thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot from Heart, Trip Planar worked.

Glad to hear, you’re welcome

Can I ask you for one more help? if you don’t mind?

Sure go ahead, what do you want to know?

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Hey, Thanks for Replying if you see my whole post you will understand, what issue I am facing, here is the link How to rotate shape in same angel like follow path