''scourge of fire'' 2d vfx animation


Hey everyone,

Long time didn’t post nothing here. But finally i finished some new stuff. I made this frame by frame animation during this year and it take a lot of my time and strength
For create this animation i used Adobe Animate soft

Btw, you can visit my Artstation project to see more stuff about this one: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qeEkWP


This looks insanely good!


So much appreciate it !

how much time did you take to make this amazing fire

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My god this is so lovely to look at!!! I really appreciate the time and effort to keep with a style and the motion. Excellent work. 5 out of 5!!!

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Oh! I can’t remember exactly time i spend on it, but I started working on it last year :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot !

Thank you so much for so pleasant feedback my friend ! I killed a lot of time to guid this one to the finish line :smiling_face_with_tear:

As someone who’s been doing VFX for his whole career, this is stellar work and and something that should be showcased. Be proud and I hope more people see the quality and care you took in creating something truly great. #gamerecognizegame

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Thanks man! It means a lot for me,i mean it. I spend something about year working on this one and i glad you notice this huge amount of work :fire: