Sci-fi 2.5D platform racing game job


We are an indie team looking for a game dev or animator for a Unity game who understands 3D animation on trees.
This person would not need to make any animations. The rig and animations are complete for the characters they would be responsible for.
We need someone to link these animations properly in Unity’s animator controller, so the proper animation plays according to the current player’s action.
Knowledge of scripting is not required but is a bonus.

Would you be interested in working with us? Our game is a sci-fi 2.5D platform racing game with a cartoon style like Mega Man or Sonic. Our characters are humanoid robots with animal features and customizable parts. So we are looking for some help with organizing the files.

This is a paid opportunity, and we are looking to start soon. If you are interested, please tell us your work rates, and share your VFX portfolio.

This role requires signing an NDA, so I hope it’s not an issue.

Thanks, hope to work with you.