Sarah Akers: Sketch #31 - Winter Mimics

Hey :slight_smile:

Going to try my best to get involved in this month’s event. Looking to recreate this amazing effect:




I’m soooo happy you’re doing this! I literally had the video up and was feeling bummed that I just don’t have the time to participate. Can’t wait to see your ice bubble!! :octopus:


Thanks! :slight_smile: Hopefully I have the time/motivation to see it through. :grimacing:

well time is one thing, but this reference is super rad! that’s pretty motivating :joy: looking forward to seeing your fx!

I’m just a bit rubbish at staying committed to side projects after work. :wink:

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Not got very far yet but I have at least made the bubble!


Thats a good looking bubble :smile:

i like your bubble :slight_smile: as tthe effect is focused on the bubble i think i would increase the geometry resolution a bit to have the silhouette perfectly round and less “cornery”. i know, usually for games we optimize a bit but personally i think for such a special case it’s ok to spend some more resources to make it cool perfect :slight_smile:


Yeah the screenshot is just on the default UE4 sphere :slight_smile:

Haven’t gotten anything working texture wise yet, but I’ve been looking at increasing the opacity through alpha erosion/dissolve. This functionality should let me substitute the current icy texture shown here for a frozen snowflake-y texture.

I’ve also R&D’d into the moving elements of the reference imagery (the way the soapy elements rotate and the way it wobbles).

Does anyone know how I can control the speed of a panning texture in realtime without it resetting the position of the texture back to 0? I want to slow these elements down as it freezes.

Nvm I worked it out, will post it later.


Won’t be getting this done for the deadline today :frowning: but i’ll be finishing it regardless :slight_smile:


Hi again :slight_smile:

I did this as a test for trying to get it revealing across a texture mask. In the reference footage, the bubble freezes both from points around the bubble and also from the bottom up (where it’s attached to a surface). Still using the icy texture I shared before (plan to replace with something more fitting).

Dissolve texture (very WIP, doesn’t tile, etc etc…)

This also has in some of that soap movement at the start, and as it starts to freeze the moment slows until it stops.

I will post graph editor stuff eventually, very messy currently as I work stuff out. :upside_down_face: