Sarah Akers: Sketch #31 - Winter Mimics

Hey :slight_smile:

Going to try my best to get involved in this month’s event. Looking to recreate this amazing effect:




I’m soooo happy you’re doing this! I literally had the video up and was feeling bummed that I just don’t have the time to participate. Can’t wait to see your ice bubble!! :octopus:


Thanks! :slight_smile: Hopefully I have the time/motivation to see it through. :grimacing:

well time is one thing, but this reference is super rad! that’s pretty motivating :joy: looking forward to seeing your fx!

I’m just a bit rubbish at staying committed to side projects after work. :wink:

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Not got very far yet but I have at least made the bubble!


Thats a good looking bubble :smile:

i like your bubble :slight_smile: as tthe effect is focused on the bubble i think i would increase the geometry resolution a bit to have the silhouette perfectly round and less “cornery”. i know, usually for games we optimize a bit but personally i think for such a special case it’s ok to spend some more resources to make it cool perfect :slight_smile:


Yeah the screenshot is just on the default UE4 sphere :slight_smile:

Haven’t gotten anything working texture wise yet, but I’ve been looking at increasing the opacity through alpha erosion/dissolve. This functionality should let me substitute the current icy texture shown here for a frozen snowflake-y texture.

I’ve also R&D’d into the moving elements of the reference imagery (the way the soapy elements rotate and the way it wobbles).

Does anyone know how I can control the speed of a panning texture in realtime without it resetting the position of the texture back to 0? I want to slow these elements down as it freezes.

Nvm I worked it out, will post it later.