Sandy Sutherland - TGT Competition WIP

Hello all,

It’s my first time posting here, its great to see some of the entries to this competition!

I’ve decided to have a go at an Interstellar style wormhole effect, that is geared towards a third person view where the player aims at something, and then transmutates themselves into the other object.

The 3 stages of the effect would be:
1 - the collapse of the space around the target down into a black hole like point.
2 - a burst of energy as the targeted object is warped through a wormhole like space between itself and the player character
3 - the player character distorts and reforms as the target object

I’ve started something tonight in UE4, really just a inverted sphere with refraction (fresnel to soften the edges) and some particles behind the sphere, collapsing down to a single point

WIP video: