Rythmico: Sketch #23 - Cute Magic

So I think I’m gonna try to do something for this monthly sketch. It’s my first time entering the monthly challenge, I need something to do and it’s the perfect occasion !

First things first, I need to find references.

All the pajama guardian line from League of Legends is super cute.

Same goes for their Star Guardian Line

The part from the Powerpuff Girls opening where they put “everything nice”


Soooo, if I get everything correctly something cute should :

  • have a nice rounded shape
  • have pastel colors
  • be a rainbow, a star, a heart, an ice cream, a diamond or a flower
  • and also TRAILS

Soooo, coming back to this, I think I have an idea heavily inspired by the powerpuff girls.
I’m going to do a cute cauldron (whatever that is) and prepare a meal with cute ingredients in it.

First step : cauldron appears and is open
Second step : cute ingredients falling in it
Third step : the lid appears in a pop and covers the cauldron
Fourth step : some shaky effects to make it seem it’s cooking and something is going to happen, add anticipation
Fifth step : The whole thing goes “POUF” in a cute smoke + cute things (butterflies or stars :thinking: ?)

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