Ryan Pocock: Sketch #25 Heal

Hi everyone. I’m really new to VFX and this will be my first participation in the challenge!

I’ve gone for something a bit less traditional for my healing effect. I was thinking that the context comes from a healing goo that you can throw at team mates to heal them in small AOE area.
I’d like to also thank everyone in the discord who has been helping along up to now too!

I’m currently at this stage but i will post some gifs from my WIP stages below too!

Thumbnail Image, better below





I like this idea. Not many people go for liquids because they can be quite tricky. It feels nice and gooey too. Would you be willing to share some info about how you made the splash when the initial drop hits the floor?

Each teammate can eat this syrup and get his blood back.

Sure thing! So there’s a single “splat” texture thats a gradient that gets more solid towards the middle. I drive an IF node in the shader by a value fed in from the ‘dynamic parameters’, so that it gets more full. It’s also scaled a little bit during this time as well. Texture was made in substance designer.

Theres also a 3d mesh that I created with Metaballs in Blender. Then edited it a bit to give it a more flowy and dynamic look. It spawns about 3 of them at different scales and rotations which then stretch a bit, and fall quickly under the map.

3-5 other small splashes (using first technique) are lined up roughly with the time where the 3D mesh hits the floor so it looks like extra splats!

Hope that helps clear it up, as i’m very new to VFX! :slight_smile:

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New update! I’ve made the bubbles feel a little more tame, there’s now an initial explosion of +'s to indicate a burst heal at the beginning.

I was not feeling the ring that was circling the effect so I’ve decided to turn that off for now but I could always rework it later. I think it looks out of place because it’s not organic looking. Colour might also need a little bit of tweaking as some have said it looks slightly acidic.

I also added a slight glow to add to the initial impact too. It’s subtle but i think it adds to the effect.