Rottenahorta - VFX sketchbook

Hey y’all! Any feedback/idea appreciated, any question as well - I personally learned so much from all of your sketchbooks so I’m happy to contribute to community as much as I can (even tho it’s been just a bit less than a year since I started doing rt vfx)




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These are at .2 speed so it’s easier to see mflash. Used motion vectors, depth pass. There are also little exhaustions coming of a cylinder right after bullet explodes inside (only on embedded vimeo vid)


Any notes on what I should improve here? Aiming to be good at current gen gameplay vfx.
Ignition is that big on purpose - it supposed to be shot from a 32cal revolver - and it shoots big time


I think my main gripe with the effect is that it feels less like a muzzle flash and more like a big explosion that’s been scaled down. I think it comes down to both its shape, which should extend forward instead of being just a ball the end of the barrel, as well as the scale of the flash’s details.

Other than that, your gun already looks like it packs some good punch so I’d say you’re on the right track!

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But it’s basically a little explosion of a bullet casing :smile:
I understand that scope matters, I can agree with that it’s too circly sometimes but scale of details seems accurate to me, I didn’t scale down initial sim - it’s at the same scale as in unreal.
I watched a lot refs. And I mean it. Both irl, slow mo irl and games as well. At latter there are almost always just a one card, as inclusion I can think of latest RE iteration, CP2077 and some of the latest BF and COD. But it’s really a rare occasion

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You’re right! For some reason the references I’ve seen looked somewhat “softer”. Don’t mind this then! :sweat_smile:

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What do you guys think?

Maybe it’s too busy, but I like it in motion


I thinke there is loads of amazing stuff in there! :slight_smile:
Some really cool experimental vfx. My only critique would be that it’s slightly all over the place. It’s a bit hard to follow the action and why things are happening the way they are.
As a pure showcase of post process effects it works well though :smiley:

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Yeah, I agree, thanks for a comment! It was an iterative process until I had to stop myself and say that the scene is not empty anymore. I tried to create a well-readable timings with this slomo thing tho, also kept in mind attention points that move from left to right and back again but not fast nor big enough for it hard to follow. I think these lines when the soul been sucked or when the doll falls help to glue up those attention points a bit, but aren’t annoying enough to draw unnecessary attention.

Hey, community! What do you think about this one? Does it seem too cluttered for you? What would you improve? I want to keep it semi-realistic, but any advice is appreciated :smile:

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