Rory Pumpkin: Sketch 35

First time doing a monthly, I’m really late and its practically my first time trying any vfx in unity.
But i’ve been lingering around and have dabbled with some particle systems in unity before.
So since Im late I dont expect that much and will just try to learn as much as possible in this small time frame.
I made a board where I gathered some inspirations:
I fairly quickly decided on an anime style invisible dash (so technically not a teleport but still a teleport right?)

And here is the first pass:

Thanks for reading!
And thanks in advance for any feedback!
Rory out

Besides the vfx if anyone knows how to properly embed the video from imgur please tell me as that’s a lot easier to see than having to click every time

@Keith @Luos_83 any suggestions for the imgur video embed?

Hmm… I’m going to have to look around and see what’s changed in imgur’s api.

Edit: It looks like you used the embed code - if you just paste the link to the video on it’s own line, it will add the player:

Unfortunately, that’s a partial fix, as it isn’t pulling a featured thumbnail. That’s going to require more work to see what changed, so in the meantime, if you want a header thumbnail for your post, just add an image to your post as well (it’ll use the first valid image it finds).


Allright got it. Thanks!