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Hi everyone! I just want to share more of my work and get some feedback :smiley:



I like it ! If I wanted to be nitpicky, I’d say, the flame behind the fireball has a somewhat dull shape. But it’s not even bad by itself

I’d be interested to have a look at your shader, they are smooth looking as butter and I love it. There is a simplicity I enjoy here

Yeah when I started to increase the speed of the effect, trail kinda loose some of his motion but after all I want explosion to stand out.

In shader I’m using default Shader Graph noises with different tiling and offsets. This gives decent result and can be used in many ways with custom meshes

I’ve made sure that every part of this explosion is in constant movement even if it’s dissolving so I made shader like this. Sprite is eroding while increasing it’s scale.




It’s amazing.Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you and no problem! :smiley:

Hi folks!
I want to share with you some of my approach to my recent effect.
Yet another projectile going on :stuck_out_tongue:

Effect is made in the two parts an actual missile and a hit effect.
I’m using two meshes to set up frontal shape of the projectile. Outer mesh is much bigger and less vibrant than smaller one inside.

With using them both I indicate overall shape of the projectile and it’s core when damage happens. Both of them has has the same shader with panning noise and faded edges.
Just different settings on!

To get more intensity in core I’ve added camera facing particle on top of inner mesh.

Here’s breakdown:

Most feel of this missile comes from a trail of course. It’s Unity’s Trail Renderer with custom shader and it looks like this:

I have painted 3 trails in Photoshop and offset them in shader with different multipliers to get some floaty look.
On top of this put some sparkles and voilà.

Hit effect is much simpler and contains:
Mesh similar to one from projectile, couple of particle sparks and glowing hit indicator.

This is it, and I hope it will become useful for you in some point :wink:
Also I will appreciate feedback from you guys and gals!


any chance to show us how to draw the trail texture?

It’s buried pretty deep in Shannon’s thread, but she goes over it here: Shannon McSheehan - LoL FX + Knowledge Share - #6 by ShannonBerke

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Like Travis mentioned, it’s pretty much the same approach :smile:

really good shape and animation color, great!

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Thank you! @malering

Hello world!
I’ve started working on my graduation project. To better motivate myself and get some valuable feedback I’m gonna share my progress, since I don’t want to spam here too much I’m will post stuff in bigger chunks :smiley:

Concept is to create set of abilities for someone who control sand (Gaara intensifies).
I find this topic isn’t overused so it can be interesting to explore.

So far I did sand rings just for warmup and getting sand feel. I was thinking about an approach for sand shapes but best I found is flat shape with texture based vertex offset. Mesh could be optimized a bit more but I can change this later on.

Here is part of the shader responsible for vertex offset. I’m multipling two samples of the same texture with different panning speed to get sand piles as well as some secondary motion to it.

Inside function in the end I did pretty standard vertex offset calculations. Vertex color on model is to mask out the edges. Be sure that normals are pointing upwards (perpendicularly to be precise) with this technique.

I’ve also started to blockout next effect which is Sand Wall. It’s mostly WIP so I’m not going to dive into this one yet but when it will be in some completed state I will share more of this one too.

For now, thank you for reading and I would like to here some feedback from you :smiley:
I also hope that some of them may be useful to you.
Cheers, be safe :smiley:


Gifs of sand projectile for my project.
There is still some room for improvement but I want to share some progress :grinning:


Another effect I made for sand study :smile: (15)


I’m pretty happy of this one


Hello, I though I will refresh this thread :smile:

Some time ago I made effects insired by original Mulan movie and this is one of them:

I rewatched Mulan fire/smoke animations like hundred times to get as close as I could to original effect. Of course with real time limitation in mind and my 0$ budged in my spare time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Quick breakdwn:
Effect contains two elements: fire trail and smoke particles (9)

My shader was super messy so I recreted the main idea behind this fire, also I reused texture from different effect that works fine when distorted :wink:

And for smoke I made custom shader with distortion dependent on color over lifetime which improved alpha erosion.

I’ve used Screen position as UVs to get distortion over entire particle system not per particle as with TexCoords.
Texture is also specially prepeared for this shader as I packed in channels different data like:
R - to be multiplied with color
G - for erosion base
A - for alpha
(I probably should place alpha i B channel but it came like this during the iteration process and stayed like this)

Keep in mind I did this effect for fun and not for production and it has some flaws inside :innocent:


More of Mulan work this time with trails (18) (13)


My recent projectile/gunshot effects (15)
sebastian-podborowski-ezgif-com-video-to-gif-20 (1)


I always try to update this thread but always forgot to make some screenshots of progress :upside_down_face:

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