Riot Creative Contest: VFX Winners

We’re happy to finally announce the winners of the VFX category for the Riot Creative Contest! First of all, a huge congrats to everyone who participated, it was really, REALLY difficult picking out the top entries. You can find specific context as to why we picked one entry over another in the link provided at the bottom of this post. If you entered but did not place or receive an honorable mention but still would like feedback, shoot me a PM and I will give you my thoughts on what you did well and what could have been polished a bit more. Again, congrats to everyone.

Stylized 1st @Pop2corn :

Stylized 2nd @Silver:

Stylized 3rd @radm0bile :

Realistic 1st @Yanni:

Realistic 2nd Jose Moreno:

Realistic 3rd @fakado:

Honorable mentions:


Amazing work from all the participants! I’m super happy to have taken part in the competition and have learnt a great deal from this. Here’s aiming for 3rd again or 2nd place next year! :blush:

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It’s a great honor to take part in this thread and let me see a lot of great works. I love all of you.:grinning:


GG to all the competitor and the winners ! :smile:

Congrats :slight_smile:

GG AND CONGRATULATIONS <3333 Good job to everyone
Next year i hope i can keep working on it

This contest was amazing with a lot of awesome pieces !!
Congrats’ everyone !

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Congrats everyone! This is REALLY good!

It was a great experience participating and congratulations to everyone! A lot of incredible and inspiring work was submitted in VFX as well as all other disciplines!

Thank you

Everyones work was top notch! Great stuff

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It was an enriching and positive experience. Congrats to everyone!

Great work everyone, and to the winners: congratulations!:star2:

Congrats to everyone !

Congrats all the winners, had fun working on this. Hope to see more contests in near future :slight_smile:
Great work everyone.

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Really cool effects! :smiley:

Congratulations to the Winners! Gotta say, that Shark Effect by @Silver is really cool. Have to call it my fave of all the winners, Nice work all! :smiley: