Riot Creative Contest Entry: Jason Chisolm

This is going to be a busy Senior year between Thesis and two VFX Contest but i’m HYPED. This is a really rough WIP with no impact or anything yet. I’m still playing around with lot’s of ideas. So far i’m really into this concept of essentially a soul volley, which then fills that target with soul energy making them more susceptible to damage kind of like Zoe’s sleep or Ornn’s Brittle. I think i want this to manifest as wispy energy coming off of the target as if it’s the energy is trying to rip it’s way out of the target. Overall I’m really excited to get more reference and really flesh this idea out! Target color scheme is going to be in line with the recent Death Sworn skin line.


I love the movement, nice job!
I’ll follow it really close :smiley:

Quick Update from today. I’m blocking in some more colors and trying to get a gradient for the effect. Overall not happy with the value structure of it yet, got lots i want to tweak still. I’m also starting to play around with the shape of the missiles overall. Next step is going to be working on the impact VFX so i can get a better view of it as a whole before going back and tweaking it all.


Those sweet ribbons are damn good! How did you do it?

Thanks dude! There’ just simple Ribbon Emitters with a panning texture actually. Essentially i just made a whispy texture, scrolled it along the ribbon and let it get stretched pretty far. Then I layered 3 of them, so there’s one additive short lived ribbon nearest the missile head, there’s one translucent one that’s darker in value underneath it which forms the bulk of the trail. Then there’s one really low value and low opacity ribbon that is actually spreading out to help give off the more spectral misty read.


Thank you for the great answer!

Been a while since i updated this post. But here’s a further block in. Still lots of stuff to tool around with in terms of shapes, color, and timing but overall I’m feeling pretty confident in it’s direction.


Love it!
I love the motion, and the hit shape. Just something i feel strange, the difference between the color in the anticipation and the projectile’s trail ^^. Also, the timing on the hit its strange, i feel like the “energy” towards the sphere should be a secundary element, as the sparks.
GOOD JOB! I’ll love to see ur final post <3

Oh man it’s been a while since I could work on this, but now that first semester of Senior Thesis is done, and I got my holiday work station all set up it’s time to get back into this!

I update the path of the missiles and their impact behaviors. I’m still tweaking the impacts as well as the timing of the missiles changing directions. I think i’d like to add a secondary detonation to the receiving sphere as if it has been infused with energy. I’ll try to spike it out tomorrow to see if it works or not.


Post Holiday Update: Got the final explosion blocked out. Going to go over the whole affect and work on some of the transitions between the stages that still feel off to me as well as refine some textures in certain areas.