Riot Creative Contest 2017: VFX Announcement (Realistic and Stylized Categories!)

We’re proud to announce the opening of the official Riot Games Creative Contest for 2017! Here are some important links to get you started:

Polycount announcement page with general rules and FAQ

Q&A page for anything you may want to ask (post your questions there!)

Riot Creative Contest 2017 registration page

VFX entry guidlines

Polycount VFX WIP thread (post your WIP there!)

There are a few links that I didn’t post here that are still important. Be sure to read all the rules and guidlines before entering!

Once again, please post questions to the Q&A page here!

Best of luck to everyone who enters! GLHF!


“The spheres should remain un-textured and should not move” guess I can’t do Jarvan’s ulti :sob:

Shake the camera to fake the movement (?)

No camera shake either. I’m not stressing it, I’ll just make it a personal project later, since it would involve the sphere leaping across the screen

Might be good to check on the official Polycount QA, but I’m guessing “skins” of effects would be fine. Last time they did this, someone won 3rd place by basically cloning Varus’ Q and Lux’s ulti, so maybe they want to encourage originality more? Dunno

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Could you repost this question on polycount? Just so that others who may have the same question will easily find it in the Q&A. Thanks stephszr!

Hey guys! There’s tons of amazing work being done, I’m really excited to see where a lot of these entries end up! Congrats on all the amazing work! :heart_eyes:

So far there aren’t many people working on a “realistic” entries. If you are unsure about entering but normally create more “realistic” effects than league of legends, jump in and give it a shot! Also, check out the prizes that both the realistic and stylized category will receive:



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