Rethinking the Job-Finding Experience

Hey all. As of today, we’re making some tweaks to finding jobs & finding a VFX artist for a job. For all you recruiters out there, we’re making a commitment to assist with more personalized, curated referrals to portfolio pages based on the context of what you’re looking for.

And for all you VFX’ers open to new opportunities, we want to hear from you! You can either post a link to your work here, or PM me with any portfolio or linkedin pages. I’ll sort a list for use whenever a studio purchases a new job post, to best match your experience and expertise with the specific things studios are looking for. It’ll be the recruiting equivalent of a hand-made pairing system, done with love and care <3

Also, I’m gonna make sure anything posted on gets a thread for visibility on the forum as well. We want to make sure to give value back to the awesome studios who support the community by purchasing a post on the job board.

These efforts will replace the old candidates profiles database, and I’m confident it will be a better experience for everyone involved.

I’m interested to hear from y’all how we can help improve the job finding experience for folks on all sides of the equation. Comments welcome!


Great initiative :+1:

Here’s my Portefolio:

And my LinkedIn:

I’m based in Montréal.

Those are mostly stylized effects in Unity. I work a lot in UE4 as well on realistic effects but can’t post anything yet due to NDA.

I’m really interested to see how others are using ArtStation for their portfolio. Also, so I can have more fx artists to follow on there! I set up my own page that I link to when applying to places:

I emailed artstation not too long ago if they would consider creating a theme with a video as the front page.

Also anyone feel free to add me on linkedIn:

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I wish artstation supported gifs, that would make me more inclined to use it.

It does, there’s a 10mb limit tho which kind of sucks but I’m starting to get used to it and learning what to prioritize to get proper looking gifs.

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Here’s my Portefolio:
And my LinkedIn:

I’m working in a mobile game company in Barcelona but i want to jump to console.
I use Unity at work(i can’t post recent thing due the NDA) and at home I’m using UE4 for my personal projects.

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It does support gif, i have them on my art station. I would recommend using photoshop to make the gifs since it seems to have the best output to get the size down to under 10mb. You can get around 3-4 seconds to loop.