Resources for learning shader

Hello all, I searched all the sites and tutorials for shader development but those which i found are too difficult for me to understand :sweat_smile:. I know this topic has been answered earlier but still I want to ask if anyone has better tutorial for beginners in shader development :grin:.
P.S: I have basic knowledge of python and c++ and know how to do it by nodes in ue4. Just need resources for programming the shader in visual studio. Please let me know if there are any IDE’s which can help too! :wink:

Thank-you! :slight_smile:


If u take a node system just try to learn the basics and experiment. You can learn in unreal and use it in Unity, or Amplify to Shaderforge.
I’m learning just playing with them (and watching others people work).

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I wrote up some Unreal material editor tutorials on my website a while back - just breakdowns of what the nodes do and how they can be used but hopefully they might be of some help:


If I’m understanding correctly you want to code one, right?

if so, a couple of links:

I never got anywhere with this but you may well do!


Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely look into the links you’all provided and get back if have any questions. :slight_smile:

Are you asking for resources specific to an game engine (like Unity or Unreal) or more general?

Asking “how do I write shaders” with out context is hard to answer as it’s nearly as open ended as “how do I write game code”. If you’ve got a base of c++ that’ll help as you’ll understand the basic syntax and conditionals as both GLSL and HLSL are roughly C like.

However if you really just want to learn shaders and aren’t tied to a particular engine I would suggest switching to Unity as, unlike with Unreal, writing shader code directly is a common thing to do and there are a lot more resources available for helping to learn to write shaders for Unity. Writing shader code in Unreal is a much more “advanced” use of the engine, and there is relatively speaking far fewer resources available to help learn.

This link is the one I send almost everyone to first, as it does a good job of explaining the basics, both in an engine / api agnostic way and then goes into Unity specific code.


Hey Minal,

These are a few tutorials that i have followed and trying to learn shader writing.
Shader 101, 102, 103

This guy has a very nice surface shader series (He dont have any playlist though)

Oh and not to forget this Unite Talk

Edit : These all are for Unity :’(

Parag Ponkshe


You also have the Cooking Shaders Book for Unity


I found the series starting with this one useful:


Thanks for the helpful tutorials!
Maybe I should watch all of these asap.

Gotta love that “Making stuff look good” channel, It’s a bummer the videos don’t come out more often.

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always liked this guy’s series. really wish there was more.

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I just made an account on this website to say that these 4 links is something I’ve always wanted in regards to the material editor. I’ve always had some idea what these nodes are doing but I’ve never had them explained, which made them that much more fuzzy to me. I never felt comfortable writing my own stuff like I did in blueprints. I just wanted to comment and thank you. I even saved these to a pdf incase you ever destroy your website lol.

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You’re very welcome, glad to know they’re useful!