Resource: sword-swing animation

Hi folks. I’m starting on some ideas for this challenge and realized that I had a pretty major obstacle: I’d need an animation of a sword swinging around to make a trail off of. Tried my hand at animating one by hand and got a whole lot of nowhere, so I took a different approach: used a Vive and UE4 to record an animation of me swinging a controller around in a swordy kind of manner.

swing clip

This seemed like an obstacle other people might run into too, so I figured I’d share the animation clip for y’all to use. You can download the FBX here; the name of the bone to attach to is “SwordBase”.

Hope this helps somebody - let me know if you have any issues getting up and running with it.


If you ever want to take it to the next level, find something thats about as long and heavy as a real sword.
This will give you much more interesting movements.
thanks for the fbx btw!

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“swinging a controller around in a swordy kind of manner.”

10/10 - IGN