Rensei: Sketch #58


Finished sketch:

4k video. I also made some sound effects, I’ve used a bunch of glitch and glass breaking noises from

I haven’t had much time to work on that so I’ll add the breakdown of the main elements in the next few days!

Original Post

I’ve had an idea for a countdown effect, nothing super specific yet, but I’ve got that so far, it’s still very messy!



Main textures were made in material maker

And that’s the graph, super simple

Besides those I’ve used a lot of noise and gradient textures I always have on hand

Here is an alt with a few more glitchy elements, I decided to remove them to keep the effect clean


you are improving so darn fast.
Remind me to nudge you if I ever find the time to work on my own game and need another VFX-person on the team. hehe.

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Ahh, thanks, it means a lot! And anytime :wink:


I’ll try to avoid boring details in the breakdown, but I’ll highlight more interesting stuff

The countdown:


I got the glitchy effect by spawning 4 particles per each digit, with some size over life and simple gradient to keep the colours tame until I need them to pop at the end

The glitchy dissolve effect looks like this when it’s only one particle:

And this is when all 4 are played on top of each other:

It’s a very simple red burn colour and alpha cutout (controlled by particle alpha)

I had too many bright elements that I wanted to keep and it made the digits too difficult to see, so I added a dark square ‘glow’ that’s drawn behind them, but on top of everything else.

The triangles:

They are just simple billboards with one texture:

I couldn’t just have simple triangles tho so I rotate them with a start curve from 0 to 360 degrees, it just means that when they spawn at each burst, they have higher angle. Then I duplicated the emitter and made the particle smaller to have more detail

Charge lines:

Very simple billboard particle with horizontal gradient, using the same burn thingie as the digits. Duplicated for the top and bottom. To make them pop at the correct time I added this curve

Circle frame:

It’s a simple material that uses polar coordinates and one texture (pretty sure it’s from VFExtra pack from @Niels)

The bits:
I tend to call small singular particles bits in my effects so here they are:


For this apparently I was using a texture from unity’s built in UI-Toolkit :person_shrugging: . I just saw a triangle and assumed it’s mine, it works so I don’t really care.

Anyway, I give them some initial speed to move to the left and right, and some orbital velocity during lifetime, random colours to add some spice.

The last burst is separate because I wanted to have more control over how it looks. It’s very similar but this time they are spawned in a sphere and start with a very low radial velocity. It means they try to clump up in the centre and then explode to all directions while orbiting


This is absolutely wicked


I love that you always have creative ideas and a good understanding of timings to make the effects “feel” good just by looking at them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s awesome and super efficient . The timing is so good, love it.

wow!!! beatiful!!!

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Super cool work you did I like your effect a lot.

I do have question the graph that you show in one of the screenshots is that some package/addon
Or is it a I house tool.

Keep up the great work.

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The graph is from the Material Maker by RodZilla - it’s an amazing and free tool to make textures!

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Thanks I appreciate it a lot.