[RELEASED] NOVA Shader - Uber shader for Unity's Particle System

NOVA Shader - Uber shader for Unity’s Particle System


NOVA Shader is a multi-functional shader for the Particle System that supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP).
General-purpose functions commonly used in visual effects are implemented so you can create high-quality effects efficiently.

It implements some distinctive features like Flow Map, Flip-Book (sequential texture animation), Dissolve, Fade, Rotation, Animated Tint Map, Emission, Distortion, and so on.


This shader is open source and available on GitHub.
You can install this by the Package Manager.

  1. Open the Package Manager from Window > Package Manager
  2. “+” button > Add package from git URL
  3. Enter the following


  • Unity 2020.3 or higher
  • Universal Render Pipeline
  • Shader Model 3.5

Note that Shader Model 4.5 is required to use Mesh GPU Instancing. And also, if you want to use Mirror Sampling, your hardware needs to support Inline Sampler States.