[Release] Cyberpunk FX Pack 2 - Neon Panels and Screens

Cyberpunk FX Pack 2 - Neon Panels and Screens


Demo Video Is Here: https://youtu.be/wB5OBkYgEoI

City assets in demo video not included.

Cyberpunk FX Pack 2 is the latest addition to the Cyberpunk collection I’m making.

It features procedural and manually deformable neon signs, parallax 3d effect textures, hologram screens, hologram globes and more!


  • Parallax Neon Signs. Looks 3D, but it’s 2D!
  • Spline based Neon Signs. Create your own Cyberpunk style neon signs!
  • Advertisement panel with 5 different panel screen animations
  • Advertisement panel with 2 different types, Hacker screen and Metro station screen
  • Advertisement panel featuring both horizontal and vertical layouts for each and every animation effect
  • Globe FX featuring 3 different styles: Information, Geographic and Warning
  • Holo Table features a city hologram with option to combine multiple effects

Marketplace Link for Download: