Reference for hand drawn fx?

Where do you all find reference for hand drawn fx? I look at stock footage, but that’s not great, tends to be loony toons style. Art station portfolios are decent too, but harder to find. If you can think of a movie you can find that scene but that’s tedious. just googling is kind a pile of random, Any resources you all use?

Would you like the effects isolated, or would clips from movies and TV work?
This site has a whole ton of clips and ref

You can find some variety on Pinterest, but they are usually smaller thumbnails, and where they are sourced from isn’t consistent, so you never really know where it’s going to take you if you click on the image to go to the sources.


Thats good! I’m looking for pretty much anything “good”. As generic as that sounds, its more for inspiration and ideation. I’m trying to solidify an art style, but I know its not clear in my mind yet. There’s a lot of different styles of 2d FX. Whats the right level of detail, lighting and shading, how many frames, how stretchy, what’s exaggerated or realistic, how it fades or pops out… there’s a lot there to dig into. So yeah just trying to find new inspiration.

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Yeah that website has tags and should let you search for things like “explosion” and you’ll get a wide range of 2d stuff.

Searching “2d FX” on ArtStation should net you a fair amount of results. Though a good chunk of them won’t be animated, you’ll still get a range of styles and fx for inspiration.

I have a collection of 2d fx and vfx concept art, but I’m not sure if the collection will be visible to others if I share the link


Nice! Yeah that link works. Thanks I’ll dig through that. And I’ve been looking at Artstation but its not been too recent that FX artist started using it. I mean yes in the past year or two but not too long.

The other place I’ve collected inspiration was Twitter, but I think you’d have to pin anything you find with Pinterest since you can’t really search for specific tweets, and there’s no way to filter or search bookmarked tweets either. I have so many mixed in with useful threads, mini tutorials, other posted works, etc. that it takes literal hours to scroll from top to bottom now to find something :frowning:

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Pinterest has been pretty ok as a resource