Recreating Pokemon GO Evolution Help Thread

Hello Forums!

I am a new VFX wannabe artist, I have followed a few tutorial covering the basics functionality of Niagara and I decided it would be cool to start applying my knowledge to recreate some game VFX.

I am opening this topic because as a newbie I feel I will need come back for feedbacks and updates about the project.

As the title suggests I am creating the Pokemon GO Evolution animation.
So far I am a bit stuck recreating a particular effect I see here

This “Stripe” is generated progressing from the farthest point of the screen to the closest point to the screen, my difficulty is recreating the “progression”

I Hope I explained myself enough to receive some help but I am open to clarify if necessary

It’s a bit hard to understand what you mean with just a screenshot, I’d suggest downloading OBS and making a quick screen recording of your effect to make it easier to acquire feedback.

Hi and thank you for your answer.

I have been working on the effect in the past few days and been considering to upload my progress compared to the original effect.

The idea with this project is to recreate the various effects separately in order to get more familiar with Niagara System and it’s nodes, so I have completely neglected to get the textures right and have a semblance for the timing as close as possible to the original. I will learn Blender and Krita separately or parallel to making new effects, depending how exciting/challenging the new project is going to be

For reference this is the original

and this is my progress as of now

My attempts on recreating the beams shooting from the center has failed as of now, but I have only spent a few minutes to find the proper solution for that, Also I need to recreate the “Stripe” I was talking about

C&C is obviously welcomed