Recreating digital noise-y effect in Nier?

I’ve familiarized myself with the basics of particles and shader making but I cant think of the best approach towards recreating this specific shader from Nier replicant.

I’ve fallen in love with the digital noise style of these creatures and would love to have something similar in my project, would love some guidance on how to replicate it!

So far here’s what I’ve gathered by trying to study it:

  • its using an alpha cutout effect as you can see through it
  • has some kind of scrolling noise that gives it a dissolve feel on certain vertex points
  • some subtle vertex displacement
  • Golden tones with a grid-like texture on some parts, I imagine I could use vertex coloring to tell the shader where I want those effects?

Here’s the thing in motion

Thanks in advance!

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Hey! If i will try to recreate, i will do this:

  1. Just project (second) UV for creature as a pose where hands up and legs down (0 - legs, 1 - hands) - its a simplest way to control this gradient. Use procedural gradient from 1 to 0.75 (for exampe, offset values for color only gaunts) and from 0 to 0.25, then multiply noise texture (for mix gold with black)
  2. Use custom depth pass for cutout mesh himsef from behind (but this shot without custom depth)
  3. Scroll and stretch noise texture to masked opacity (or transluscent, depends)
  4. Scroll noise to vertex offset.

Hey thanks very much for the reply, I can see how this would be an easy solution.
I imagine I could use a texture with the yellow grid drawings and also phase that in and out through the character.

I never considered using a second UV, good idea!