Realtime VFX Artist (Niagra)

RealTime VFX Artist (Niagra)

VisualCreatures - Los Angeles, CA

About Us:

VisualCreatures is a Los Angeles based VFX and animation studio led by Ryan McNeely, John Cranston, and the Russo Brothers. We are a director-driven, vision-centric post-production studio with the goal of telling stories faster and more efficiently.

So we work with the best talent and technology.

This team does a wide variety of work; 2D Cell Animation, 3D Animation, Previsualization, Complex CG, Visual Effects, and Post Production including editorial, color, finish and conform.

We are obsessed with telling great stories and making things move.

Position Summary:

VisualCreatures is looking for RealTime VFX Artists for current and future work.

We’re in search of visual & tech savvy artists who can jump in and create with a team of talented creatures. We’re eager to find those who are ready to collaborate on our current and upcoming needs in film, television, and commercial visual effects.

If you want to work with a rad team who has fun, loving what they do… let us know!

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Create high cinematic real time visual FX across in Unreal; Explosions, Gunfire, Tracer Rounds, Environmental FX, Character-Related FX, etc.
  • Create particle FX and shaders in Unreal with Niagara.
  • Organized and maintain FX and Shader libraries.
  • Request and offer support to the their team.
  • Collaborate with Art and Engineering teams, offering creative and efficient solutions to help solve performance related issues.
  • Be eager to learn new techniques and build upon skill sets based on project needs.
  • Be able to work remotely; using Dropbox, Slack and other work-from-home tools.


  • Solid foundation and ability to problem solve in Niagra.
  • Have a solid portfolio/reel with an eye for photorealistic RealTime VFX.
  • Task-driven, self-motivated, and proactive.
  • Committed to excellence in their work.
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Work independently and collaboratively.
  • Clear communication skills.
  • Excellent time management.

Please email our coordinator directly at

VisualCreatures is an equal opportunity employer.