RandomStroke : Sketch # 29

Hey everyone)
Had some time and decided to give it a try) Been thinking about flying-pumpkin-projectile for a long time,
so it seems that time has come)
Started with a basic pumpkin-skull geo)


The model alone is already looking pretty wicked! I can already tell this will be a fun one to see in action :wink:

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Had a little time with it , looks kinda cheap but…had some fun with uv-distort shader , so still learned smth. new :slight_smile:


you could try and inherit some of the parent velocity on the flames on top of the head so that they move with the head moving? i guess if it’s only meant to fly forwards towards a target it might not be super visible but might be cool to bend backwards if it accelerates etc.
i can totally see the jaw opening and closing as its flying towards you too!

nice work :slight_smile:

Thx for the point) Yeah i guess it’d be cool , but the thing is that i just don’t know how to do it yet) I mean all of the upper “flames” is just a texture scroll so i probably picked the wrong approach right from the start)) Should’ve tried some particles instead))

unreal or unity? i’m much more of an unreal user so i can explain how to do it there, presumable unity can do similar.

so there’s two approaches - firstly you could split the fire mesh off of the skull and have it spawn via a particle system, this would give you more randomisation through cascade but also allow you to have your particles velocity aligned (with a very low velocity, but not so low as to cause flickering…) and then inherit parent velocity in cascade with a negative value. Then when the skull moves forwards the particle will move slightly backwards which should hopefully look like it’s trailing slightly.

Alternatively you could do it in the vertex shader with WPO - you’d need to set up a blueprint that updates the material parameter with the currently velocity and then move the top verts based on that value. It’s a little more setup but will give you a little more control than the other solution.

hope that helps!

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Thx for the tip man) Hope i’ll have some time to get back to it)