RandomStroke: Sketch #27 Ice

Hey everyone, decided to give it a try…Wanna try some kind of AOE-frosty-spell with several elements in it…with some projectiles in the end…So that’s what i came up with :


Update: here is a unity project if someone is interested…done in Unity 2018, although i think it’ll work in any other version)


Alright, made a prewarm template

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Tiny update , spent some time trying various area graphics , maybe will try smth like that…somehow it always comes out in a bit satanic or occult look…( no religious offense or anything like that :slight_smile: )


ha ha, well satanic or not, it’s looking cool! The overlapping element tests look like they’ll come together nicely

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Thx, glad you liked it) Another small update , kept on trying various compositions…keep on working , hope to get an alpha version of the whole effect soon)


Added a bit more details)


That ice geometry looks promising! May I ask about your approach to building particle systems in Unity? Do you use the VFX graph at all or do you just stack particle systems with delays/sub-emitters for the timing of different elements? There’s so much going on that I feel I’d lose track fast!

Thx!) Yeah, there is a bit of an overload, but…there is no better place for experiments then here)))
As for the setup : it’s the most basic. I split the whole effect in phases and then activate it’s gameObjects with a desired delay…this way you can tweak the whole effect and underlying components easily, since everything starts from 0 in each phase)

Each phase consists of emitters.
As for shaders…it’s mostly additive with texture scroll , one alpha blend and…a basic additive with some vertex-colors applied to the models it’s used on. I’ll upload the project once it’s done, in case if
someone is interested)


Added a bit of an upper impact


Added couple of flares


Beautiful work, man.

Hey, thx for the comments !) Yeah, bg might be good…was thinking about adding some kind of background…once effect is done) Still wanna to tune it…added some radial shockwave

Alright, added couple of final details and decided to try out some electricity-kind-of-feedback at the end of it…found out that it usually looks ok when some sudden motion takes place…


You can try do something with this strange shapes. Something like energy poof)

I actually thought about removing those…it’s probably already overloaded) But thx for suggestion^^
Edit: so, some kind of pre-final version i think…


Looks wicked, I love it!

Thx man , glad you liked it :slight_smile:

This looks like it should be the cold variation of the Falling Sword crusader skill in Diablo 3…