RandomStroke: Sketch # 24

Hey everyone ,
Had a bit of time to actually see what such constraints may bring me to) Ended it up with these

Will try to use meshes next time , might be interesting)


Awesome :slight_smile: … Loved that green hologram thingy.
Also the dripping water is too cool man.

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Thx man , glad you liked it ! ^.^
Had a little time to experiment with meshes and here is another abstract sketch…))

I guess it’d be much easier if there was a script assigning meshes to the particle systems…this way any
“animation” can be easily made with geometry…will try to finish it asap)


Well, even though i’ll prbably won’t make it…again , but got the script done ( took about 30 minutes to finish lol ) and the whole idea of using meshes got me in some interesting stuff that i’ll definately use, maybe later. So i made this rough explosion sketch

convert in geometry in houdini ( just a trace sop , nothing fancy , altough it might be easy to add some volume or smth. )

And got all pieces assigned in Unity.

Maybe will have time to end some of the flames and stuff in a toonish manner)

P.S : if someone interested, here is a script
It will add a “Window/Custom Window” dialog to the editor

and all you have to do is plug meshes , then the corresponding particle systems…“appearance size” curve is used to control the scale of the meshes as they appear. Gradient will work the same way but alter the color , and appearance curve will distribute the meshes throught the time…although i think i should have added a time multiplier so you won’t get clamped by [0,1] seconds…anyways , feel free to alter and use it ^^


I love the feel and polish of what you’ve done ! Those little “effect biomes” kinda have a sort of deus-ex hologram-ish feel to them.
Great work ! :smiley:

Thx man) It’s kinda shame that i was not able to finish any of those, i mean it’s probably 30% finished or smth. ))) But since i’ve left a daily job, probably will have a bit more spare time to do smth. with all that))