RandomStroke: Sketch # 22

Hey everyone ! :slight_smile:
Hope i’m posting it in a right place…well, finaly got myself registered on a vfx forum so it’s kinda cool !))
Had some time for an additional vfx stuff here, hopefully will be able to make it to the end. Dunno if i got it right, but i think “Gun Muzzle Flash” may be rendered in various styles and appearances…i think FPS point on view is ok…so, that’s what i came up with, look kinda rough but that’s what concepts are all about, right?)








Cool :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: I wouldn’t be surprised if you will take 1st place.

Thx man) well, i think eventually it’s more about learning and inspiring each other rather then taking places)) so many cool stuff out there)

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Wow, these are amazing…

Those concepts are great!

I wish there was a way to tell the scale of the guns, it feels a bit confusing. Still, you stated that the camera is an FPS POV, so I assume they are the size of a normal gun. At a first glance they looked like a massive plasma cannon or something along those lines (which is also cool).

My fav ones are number 6 and 7, they give me that “Halo” sci-fi feel.

Good job @RandomStroke!

Hey there , thx for the feedback guyz , hugely appreciated !

Hey Lush , yep , it’s probably a bit hard to say what guns it is)) I guess running DOOM on the previous week did it’s job , but i think as long as effect looks good - it’s good)) By now…will try to get it all finshed throught the week.

Awesome work… Really want to try this one.