Random value for Particle System trails material in Unity

Hi, I need to make a random value for trails in a particle system so that the picture does not repeat in multiple particles. In the standard material for particles, I do this through custom data, but for trails it is not available for trail materials, tell me what to do?
So I have a value(or W/T value from UV) in the material that I need to make random for each particle trail.
Any ideas?:sweat_smile:

use the WP position in your trail shader to give the UV an offset.

Wow, thanks, sometimes I forget about such elementary things :sweat_smile:

But how can I get float value from WP position gradient? WP position instead of UV (or + UV) gives the wrong tiling.
P.S. I also understood one thing, there will be no randomization from WP, since the value will depend on this world position itself.