Random partikel experiments

So you’re basically reducing the ‘mass’ off the blood particles to 0 to fade them out by using vertex animation?

No, there are 4 different vertexanimations playing in there. I made them disappear by eroding the actual VDB so I don’t have to worry about them popping away midair. At the end of the sequence they will always be dissolved more or less naturally. It’s hard to see in this omni clip as I was only testing the shading. I’ll post a directional version soon where it’s easier to see the benefit of it.

Nice! Liquid spurts are really cool. Really looking forward to seeing what more you can show of this. Are some of the particles axis locked?

No, but they are meshes so they aren’t billboarding or anything. The above example had random initial rotation set in all axis and then set free into the world to do their thing! (Well, for about half a second before they die.)

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I’m starting to get some variation in there. Still blocking in the shapes I want, but I think it’s starting to look nice and thick now :slight_smile: The directional spurts need more love though.




Now we are getting somewhere. Playing with additional elements and different sizes. Still somewhat sluggish, but it’s going in a direction I like. It’s a shame the compression doesn’t show all the nice reflections on the blood. I’ll have to do a high-quality recording once it’s done.


Lookin good!!!

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Nice Blood FX,

Do you consider refraction or SSS? I just wonder…
And erode actual VDB, I usually decrease ‘Droplet Scale’ in ‘Particle Fluid Surface’ node in houdini.
But It makes some flickering in mesh. How did you solve this problem?

Thanks! I tried both. SSS gave me some interesting color shifts, but not enough to warrant the extra cost. I got similar result by fresnel lerping between two colors. But I decided against that as well becuase it gets unpredictable in certain lighting scenarios. I may try again once I’m happy with the effect.

Refraction didn’t look great since it was too uniform. If I baked out velocity colors or something to drive the refreaction it might be interesting, but without it, it just looked bland.

I didn’t solve the flickering. The actual vdb erode is quite stable so most of the flickering I get is from the polyreduce. Once the mesh becomes too detailed, it’s hard to keep the topology consistent, and then I get flickering faces/normals.

Right now I’m trying to solve it by blurring the normals, but I’ve also experimented with transferring the normals from the highres mesh. Still some problems to solve. Most of the time though, the effects are too fast for it to be an issue.

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Oh man, Thanks for your kind comment =)

You’re doing so many R&D!!
I look forward to seeing your final shot.

I’m afraid the final shot will be underwhelming. I’m doing this for an assetpack so everything is kept generic. For a regular production I would be able to make it better by customizing it to the intended use.

According to your previous works(Battlefield series)
I don’t think your final shot looks underwhelming =)

I’ve added some continuous gashes and started working on some decals to go with it all. Oh, I was told that the music was too murdery, so I changed it up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Started working on a blood pool shader. I can’t seem to find a way to blend between the surface normal and the “deep” part. The movement is working alright at least.


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I’ve recorded a slowmotion version to show a bit more detail of how the vertex animations work.


Added in global color overrides. Working quite well :slight_smile:



Inspired by Klemen Lozars tweet showing his awesome setup for lightning arcs (twitter.com/klemen_lozar/status/942104101604560896) I decided to build a quick tool that would generate this kind of meshes. After this the remaining steps would be to generate a bunch and give them all a vertex color.


I know a few of you were interested in the crack generator a while back. Well, I’ve cleaned up (read: started over) the file and I’ve uploaded it to my Patreon. If you want to check it out, feel free to join the party over there :slight_smile:


Would love to see more of your set up for this in Houdini on either your Patreon or in this forum.

Which one? The crackgen?

The stylized arc generator. Sorry, I hit reply on that one but for some reason it put the comment below the crackgen.