Rain Drops post process fx. UE4

There is my version of rain drops post process fx for Unreal Engine 4.

Customizable of course =)

Hope you like it :wink:


Very cool!

One small minor ocd thing though, please make the ones that slowly flow down into lines fade out better instead of instant.
it was the only thing that caught my eye that made it look unrealistic.

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Of course. 100% agree with you. I will fix. Thanks! =)

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That’s awesome,
I would like to point out my own OCD thing…that if you actually have a full drop that hasn’t smooshed against the glass, the image is inverted as the normals come from the opposite angle. You’ll see the entire image is reversed, top to bottom, left to right. That makes edge blending difficult, but it’s more accurate. I could tell your normals don’t ever invert because the fire is on the same side of the drop as the fire itself. :smiley:


Good work though, not too many people will notice OR care! :slight_smile:

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On that note you could try (if you aren’t already) a custom node using refract(rayDirection,rainDropNormal, IOR); and possibly reflect(rayDirection, rainDropNormal); for a highlight/overlay.

The former should get you a pretty good effect!

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Thank you.

I not using heavy nodes with heavy performance cost. All moveable things based on particle systems + additional normal maps for static drops and wet layer. Of course it’s possible made to better realistic but will be heavy to calculation.

against the glass, the image is inverted as the normals come from the opposite angle.

Many thanks! Normal is really inverted. FIxed! =)

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Wow! Rain Drops FX featured in the Unreal marketplace! Many thanks to Epic games! And thanks to all peoples there who help me to improve FX quality!

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