Radm0bile: Sketch #7 WIP

Hey All,

I’ve been wanting to get involved with the sketches for ages now but have been so busy at work I couldn’t find the time. I am going to attempt this one as it seems very interesting and open ended.

My videocard died in my pc a week ago so I haven’t been able to do any personal work at home recently so I have started by sketching out my initial concept.

It’s suuuuuuper rough and I’m still deciding whether the color pallet works or not. I’m feeling the lighter tones might be the wrong way to go but I’ll see how it reads in an engine when I finally get my new videocard.



I’m a bit confused on the direction of movement. There is a large amount of up and down going on. I must say that #9 is creepy looking with the ball kinda melting in a way. I am interested in that!


Hey man thanks for the feedback!

The intention is to have the movement start with the rune underneath then trail upward while building anticipation as the energy slams back down to the ground leaving the hole there. I’m assuming that’s the confusing part.

I agree that with the limited steps in my sketch it can be hard to follow some of the movement I intend. I tried to mark that out with the arrows but I think I’ll need to work on that in future sketches. Thx again :slight_smile:

Long time no update!

I just recently got my videocard installed so I haven’t had much time to go at this yet :frowning:

Still a TON of stuff I want to tackle but its pretty close to the end of the month so I’m really hoping I’ll have time.


Love it! This feels so cool! The wispy energy going up and slamming back down is so pretty! I realise you said you’re not quite done yet so you may be getting to this, but the hands seem a little flat as far as texture/secondary elements that you could potentially add to them, which could make them more wispy like everything else (possibly smoke, mult, texture value/hue variation etc.)

Looking forward to any updates :grinning:

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Thanks! I appreciate the feedback big time :slight_smile:
I agree, the hands are my #1 thing I want to fix before the end of the month, the material for them is very much intended to be placeholder so I will see how that goes because they stick out like a sore thumb for sure :sweat_smile:

Last update!

Didn’t get everything I wanted done :frowning: but I may keep working on it after if I find time. Was great to see what everyone came up with!