Questions about Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate VFX

Im Kliefer and a 3D-Artist and like many of you I develop a game with a friend. We work in Godot and try to make a Monster Hunter like Prototyp. I wanted to ask if you can help to figure how to recreate the charge effect of the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. I currently working through the “Getting Started in Real Time VFX” and the imbueFX channel is amazing.

But I wanted to work project oriented like I do in Sculpting and Animation.
That said I want to recreate the effect and go step by step and maybe you could help me.
The animation is at 30fps on the Nintendo Switch if Iam not mistaken

The Charge has 3 versions (technically 4 the over Charge which is just a Level2 )

*Level 1

  • Level 2
  • Level 3

About Level 1 and what I think is happening:

Just some partical billboards that negative speed that get sucked into the center

Then comes the part were I dont have any idea what is really happening.
Is it just a Circle that has an alpha texture that blends in?

Next step I scatch my head is the for a lack of a better term the wisps that move to the center with a glow billboard at the center.

And then just comes what I think a starburst which scales down and a thunder flipbook maybe?!

The other levels just exaggerate the effects of level 1 but 3 has some extra animations, mainly an pillar that goes upwards which Iam not sure if it is a flip book or just a scrolling texture

From what I learned and understand I need multiple particalsystems to spawn the different stages of the animation and a timeline or animation track to spawn them at different times. Also I need a shader that pans the texture across the UVs.

Do I need many special vfx meshes or are those relatively simple meshes or just even bill boards?

Any help is super appreciated!!
Thank you and vielen Dank!!!