[Question] Ground/Sand burrow effect help?

Hi everyone, one simple question.

Currently, I am trying to make a realistic burrow up effect, like the one in this clip, at 1:47.Monster_Hunter_4

I had found so many tutorial on stylized ground slam / impact / burrow effect, but couldn’t find any good tutorial on this effect, except some advices about full flipbook solution. So, my question is, where can I find some good tutorial on sand-relate effect, or they use flipbook just like explosion?

Thank you for reading :smiley:

I think until we have more computing power flipbooks are the go-to. Volumetrics and super high particle counts are hopefully coming sooner rather than later. If you find another way let us know.

Yeah. Sadly there is no way to do this in real-time except baking everything down. I will keep looking for a better solution, in the meantime just stick with flipbook I guess…